Dr. Briggs Cook and the benefits of QuickLift, a revolutionary face lift procedure

Facial surgery can be an exciting yet daunting experience. The uncertainty, recovery time, and cost can deter people from achieving a more youthful appearance. In comes QuickLift: a revolutionary face lift procedure that eye and facial surgery specialist Dr. Briggs Cook says is changing the game. Nicknamed the “weekend facelift”, it is not only cost effective, it also provides quick recovery with permanent results. In this blog we will explore the benefits of QuickLift, and how to prepare before and after.

What is QuickLift?

QuickLift is a face lift procedure that is customized to meet the needs of the individual. The results are instant, permanent, and perhaps most importantly, recovery time is minimal compared to traditional face lift methods. As the leading provider of QuickLift, Dr. Briggs Cook says this is the perfect option for those 40 and older who live a busy lifestyle.

QuickLift’s specific benefits include a defined jawline, lifted and defined cheeks, smooth neckline, and a natural overall look. Unlike traditional face lift methods that create a “pulled back” look, QuickLift uses upward lifting techniques, targeting the lower to mid facial region, to create a natural, youthful appearance. Not to mention QuickLift is more affordable than traditional face lift procedures. The procedure can take as little as two hours if it’s not in combination with other services.

How to Prepare for QuickLift

There are risks with every surgery that patients must be aware of before the procedure. For QuickLift and other facial surgeries, there is a risk of post-operative swelling and visible scarring. To minimize these risks, patients must be committed to following the pre and post-operative instructions provided by their doctor. Since every QuickLift is customized to produce the best results for the individual, their pre- and post-care instructions will differ. Make sure to take notes and ask your doctor for the best pre- and post-care practices

Before your appointment, it is wise to clear your calendar, so you can relax and focus on post-op care. When performing QuickLift procedures at his clinic, Pure Facial Surgery & MedSpa, Dr. Briggs Cook uses local anesthesia. Therefore, you will need to have someone present with you during your appointment so they can drive you home.

QuickLift Recovery

Although QuickLift is a fast recovery face lift, it does require some downtime to minimize risk and maximize results. Recovery time depends on the individual, specifically regarding what their normal routine is, their age, and their degree of skin laxity. Some patients report receiving the procedure on Friday and returning to work on Monday (hence the “weekend facelift” nickname). However, professionals recommend a week of downtime, as visible signs of swelling and bruising can last 7-10 days post-op.



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